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February Session, 2024


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Resume Writing

Learn how to craft resumes that cannot be turned back. Learn the proper way of showcasing your achievements, keyword optimization and effective formatting. Bonus: cover letters.

Content Writing

Learn how to craft content for different target audience using a unique voice that makes it memorable. Develop skills in SEOs. Learn the art of creatively incorporating stories to make your content stand out. Learn the best use of both evergreen and timely content.

Introduction to Writing

Learn the basics of writing, rules of grammar and crafting of sentences. Position properly as a beginner-writer, be equiped and ready for the writing market.


Learn the fundamentals of writing winning copies. Understand how to craft attention-grabbing headlines, use words persuasively, and deploy USP to give your copies an edge

Tuition Fee

Early Registration: #15,000 (October 23–December 24)

Late Registration: #25,000 (Jan 24-February 24)

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